Does Kabin have a Dress Code?
Guests should be trendy or fashionable. There is no strict dress code because we understand that dressing fashionably can be interpreted in many ways. With that said we accept some sneakers if they are fashionable but we do not accept athletic sneakers, baggy jeans, athletic gear, ripped t-shirts, timberland boots or hats.

Does Kabin have a cover charge?
Kabin never charges a cover for our weekly events every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Does Kabin have an Age Limit?
Kabin is 21+ and guests must have a valid ID

What is the Music Format at Kabin?
We are an open format club which means we play top 40, hip-hop, and house. Our DJ lineup is available on our calendar of events on our website.

Does Kabin have a Coat Check?
Coat check is $4 and will be available starting November until early March

Does Kabin have Valet?
Kabin has a valet service in front of the club. The fee is $20 and the valet company is District Valet.

Does Kabin have a Lost and Found?
All items found are immediately brought to the Manager’s office for safe keeping until claimed. They can be picked up on the next business day, we recommend calling first.

How does bottle service works and tip included?
At Kabin we can design a package that accommodates your budget and alcohol preferences. DC sales tax will always be added to any deal but guests need to add their own gratuity. Please contact 202.810.2770 to make a reservation.